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All About the Envirocloth

If you’re new to Norwex, this is the place to start!


This little guy is the star of the show. As Norwex’s flagship product line, the envirocloth is the all-purpose, multi-use, one-stop shop to cleaning your home. It’s incredibly versatile, meaning there is no shortage of ways to use the envirocloth. The list of possibilities is just about endless!

The Norwex antibacterial microfiber envirocloth removes dirt, dust, and debris from all washable surfaces using only water – no soap or chemicals needed! It’s a thick cloth and extremely absorbent, making it perfect for cleaning up spills or dirty surfaces. The envirocloth contains the BacLock® agent and has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface.

Two ways to clean

There are two ways to clean with your envirocloth – use it dry for dusting or wet for general cleaning and heavily soiled areas. It’s a twofer, giving you the ability to use one cloth for two jobs! I really appreciate this benefit of the envirocloth because I can walk through my house and dust with a dry cloth first, then rinse and use that same cloth wet to clean the toilet or floors or whatever needs attention.

What can I clean with an envirocloth?

Here are just a few ways to use your envirocloth:

  • bathrooms (faucets, sinks, tubs, counters, toilets, etc)
  • walls, baseboards, and crown moldings
  • windows
  • floors
  • vehicles
  • toys
  • tools
  • outdoor furniture
  • and much, MUCH more


As I said, the sky is the limit! Use your imagination. I keep finding new ways to use my envirocloth, and I am so happy to have a chemical-free option instead of reaching for traditional household cleaners.

Is the envirocloth right for me?

Honestly, the envirocloth should be one of your first Norwex purchases. There’s really no better introduction to the myriad of ways Norwex can work in your home. Just by using one envirocloth, you can get rid of multiple household cleaners that are full of harmful chemicals. Not only do you benefit from healthy cleaning, but you no longer need to hit up the store to purchase traditional cleaners over and over again. You can also drastically reduce your paper towel usage. The envirocloth can save you time and money.


The only drawback to the envirocloth is that you’ll use it so often, you may need (want!) more than one. It’s Norwex’s most popular product for a reason!

I want to make a special note here: While you can use the envirocloth almost anywhere in your home, I would advise against using it in the kitchen. The reason has to do with the fact that the envirocloth fibers are incredibly dense and tightly woven, making it hard to fully rinse out food particles and grease that would accumulate from use in the kitchen. Over time, this could cause your envirocloth to become stiff and stinky. Other Norwex products, such as the kitchen cloth (a personal fave of mine!) and dish cloth, are meant specifically for use in the kitchen. These cloths have a looser, more open weave, and are better suited for cleaning up food-related messes.


I use the envirocloth on a daily basis around here. Adding this one cloth to my arsenal has completely changed the way I clean my home. Cleaning is now faster, easier, and more effective. If you’re new to Norwex, start with an envirocloth and discover how it can make a difference for you.

What is your favorite thing to clean with the envirocloth? Leave a comment to let me know!


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