What is Norwex?

I’m glad you asked! While I don’t claim Norwex to be magical, it can certainly be life-changing!

Norwex gives you the power to create a safe haven inside your home by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients found in many traditional household cleaning products.

With Norwex, you have the ability to clean your entire home using nothing but water!

The Norwex difference

Maybe you’ve already tried incorporating traditional microfiber cloths into your cleaning routine and realized they just don’t work very well. What makes Norwex so special and different?

The power lies in the way Norwex cloths are made. Traditional microfiber sold in stores is typically made with fibers 1/6th the thickness of a human hair. While that sounds tiny enough, the fibers in Norwex cloths are 1/200th the thickness of a human hair! Norwex microfiber has much more surface area per square inch of cloth, resulting in superior absorbability and durability and incredible cleaning power.

Many Norwex microfiber cloths also contain BacLock®, an antibacterial agent designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold, and mildew growth within the cloth, meaning cloths and towels stay cleaner and fresher, longer. No more funky smell coming from a dirty cloth!

How does it work?

Traditional cotton cloths push around particles, spreading dirt, grime, and moisture into surface crevices, leaving it moist and unclean. Norwex microfiber actually lifts and collects particles, attracting even the smallest specks of dirt, grease, and moisture, leaving the surface free from everything.

Norwex cloths have been tested to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface with only water. Your home can stay cleaner with fewer chemicals!

Is Norwex right for me?

Everyone has to make decisions about the products they choose to use. From clothes to furniture to beauty supplies to cleaning products, consumers make choices every day about what to buy and bring into their household. Norwex provides healthy alternatives to traditional cleaning products that harm people and the planet.

Norwex can be the right choice for you if you’re looking to:

  • simplify your cleaning routine
  • eliminate the need for harmful chemicals in your home
  • cut down on the use of paper towels and other disposable products
  • positively impact the environment and create a greener, cleaner planet

With Norwex, you can create a healthier household through easier, more effective, and environmentally friendly cleaning!


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